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Underground Water Displacement

You may have heard that water is one of the main culprits of structural and foundation problems. Once water oversaturates the soil beneath the building, it can expand and cause major damage to the concrete foundation above it. Since water takes the path of least resistance, it is likely water will more easily penetrate through soil that is weak, loose, poorly compacted, and full of voids for the water to freely flow through.

If you have a structure that has settled due to soil problems, you need to get to the main issue. Underground water displacement involves drainage systems and other waterproofing solutions. Once there is no room for water to penetrate and create erosion and other soil-related problems, the soil will be stabilized and allow your structure's foundation to remain strong.

Airlift Concrete Experts can efficiently displace any underground water that may be below your settled structure. Our polyurethane foam solutions will not only displace existing water but also prevent future water from penetrating. Our polyurethane solution is fully resistant to water and will last for years to come.

underground water displacement before and after pictures

How Polyurethane Foam Displaces Water

Our polyurethane foam is injected through small diameter probes through the concrete and into the soil. Once injected, it expands to fill all voids, strengthen the soil, and displace the water. The foam will never change shape or absorb groundwater over time.

We can provide this method of underground water displacement to any structure, including storm sewers, seawalls, and sinkholes under roads.

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