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Sunken Concrete in Arkansas

Have you noticed that the concrete around your Little Rock, AR home has sunken or become uneven? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence in the state of Arkansas. Many homeowners experience sinking concrete as the result of fluctuating soil levels. When the soil around your home is saturated with water, it will expand and create hydraulic pressure. When it is dehydrated, it will shrink again, which can cause your concrete to become cracked, sunken, and uneven.

Concrete damage can appear on almost any area of your property. Whether you have a sunken driveway, sidewalk, garage floor, porch, patio, or foundation, it is important to get it looked at right away. Your concrete will only continue to deteriorate over time, which can not only be unsightly, but can also be a tripping hazard for you and visitors.

Causes of Sunken Concrete in Little Rock, AR

sunken concreteSoil movement isn't the only thing that can cause your concrete to sink and settle. If the ground wasn't properly prepared when your home was first built, the concrete that was laid will be more likely to shift. Another common issue that we see is trees that are planted much too close to a concrete slab. The roots of trees or other large plants can grow underneath your it and push up against the slab, causing it to become uneven.

sunken concrete before and after images

If you have noticed any sunken concrete on your Arkansas property, be sure to have it fixed as soon as you can. Slab settlement issues can result in structural damage to your home, potential accidents, poor drainage, and equipment malfunctions. On top of all this, sunken concrete can rapidly decrease the value of your home.

Solutions for Sunken Concrete in Little Rock, AR

Fortunately, Airlift Concrete Experts in Little Rock, AR has the perfect solution for all of your concrete repair needs. No matter how severe the damage, we can restore your concrete to be strong and secure like it was meant to be. Our team uses a proven method called polyjacking, which consists of drilling a hole into the affected area of your concrete and filling it with polyurethane foam. Once this foam is injected, it then expands more than 20 times its liquid volume, and travels through the concrete to fill every void and crevice that is present. The foam will hydraulically lift your sunken concrete back to its original level.

Call Airlift Concrete Experts today to learn more about concrete repair and polyjacking in Little Rock, AR.