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Slab Cracks

Slab Cracks in Little Rock, Arkansas

If you have noticed your concrete slab beginning to crack, it could just be a sign of aging. However, many times cracks can indicate a more serious issue: foundation failure. Cracks that exceed 1/16th of an inch can allow water to come through, and they can eventually spread and become even wider. Over time, your concrete slab can form multiple gaps, voids, holes, and other cracks as the concrete weakens.

Many Little Rock, Arkansas property owners experience slab cracks on their property. If you have noticed any cracks that appear suspicious, look for additional signs of foundation failure such as:

If you have noticed any of these issues in your home, your house needs foundation repair.

What Causes Slab Cracks in AR

Several things can cause slabs to crack. A lot of the reason can be attributed to soil-related issues. When the soil is moist and high in density, it will expand, which can cause your concrete slab to settle. On the other hand, when the soil is dry, it will shrink. This can create cracks and voids in your concrete. Here are a few things that can cause your soil to expand:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Broken pipes
  • Poor drainage
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Insufficient waterproofing
  • Pooling water around the foundation

To prevent these issues from happening, make sure that you have the proper repairs implemented to your home. Fix any broken pipes or plumbing leaks as soon as they are discovered. Regularly clean out your gutters so that dirt and debris can't cause poor drainage. You can also extend your downspouts so that water is directed away from your foundation and doesn't pool up around it.

Solutions for Cracked Slabs in Little Rock, Arkansas

cracked slab solutionsAirlift Concrete Experts uses several different methods to repair cracked concrete slabs in Little Rock, Arkansas and surrounding areas.

We use polyjacking: This method is designed to lift and stabilize your concrete slab, while filling any cracks and voids that are present.

First, we will drill a hole in the affected area of your concrete. That hole is then injected with a polyurethane foam that expands more than 20 times its liquid volume, traveling throughout the concrete to fill any holes and crevices.

Once the foam has expanded, your concrete slab will be lifted hydraulically back to its original level. The great thing about polyjacking is that it requires zero demolition, and your concrete is ready to use just 15 minutes after the foam is injected!

slab cracks before and after

To learn more about the services that we offer, feel free to contact Airlift Concrete Experts today. We can make the concrete in your Little Rock, Arkansas home as good as new! Call us for all of your foundation problems, including slab cracks and settlement.