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Chimney Problems in Little Rock, Arkansas

Foundation Repair in Little Rock, Arkansas for Leanign and Tilting ChimneysChimneys that have started to lean or pull away from the side of your home are not only an eyesore, but they are also a danger to you and your family. If your chimney has started to lean or tilt, it could mean that there is a problem with the concrete of the foundation that supports your chimney. This is an issue that affects other areas of the home as well as the chimney. Foundation problems that result in leaning chimneys should be addressed immediately. If you see the following symptoms in addition to a leaning chimney, contact Airlift Concrete Experts right now for foundation repair in Little Rock, Arkansas:

  • Space Between Chimney and Siding
  • Chimney Leaning in the Attic
  • Chimney or Fireplace Leaks
  • Uneven Mortar Joints
  • Cracks in Chimney

These are all indicators that you have a foundation problem. Often, foundation problems that are causing chimneys to lean and tilt have to do with foundation settlement or an issue with the footings of the foundation. If the soil under the chimney and the rest of the foundation starts to shift or sink, the foundation and the chimney above will also settle.

Poor soil compaction when the home was constructed may also be a contributing factor in the leaning of your chimney. When the ground is not packed down enough before the concrete is laid, it settles over time. This settlement can lead to various issues with the above structure, including leaning chimneys, leakage, uneven floors, and cracks in the chimney, walls, and floors.

leaning and tilting chimney repair before and after images

Leaning Chimney Repair in Little Rock, AR

To fix leaning chimneys, the foundation issue that is causing the leaning must first be fixed. This means that the concrete that holds up the house and the chimney have to be supported to reverse any settlement and shifting.

Chimney Repair ArkansasAnother way to support sinking foundations and stop chimneys from leaning or tilting is to use polyjacking. In this repair process, polyurethane material is injected beneath the slab to fill in spaces in the soil. By filling in these spaces, polyjacking provides a solid base for the concrete. As the polyjacking is injected, it expands to fill in gaps and lift the foundation. This stabilizes the chimney to prevent further damage from occurring.

These are some of the options that Airlift Concrete Experts uses to lift foundations that have settled and caused your chimney to lean or tilt. If you are interested in learning more about our services in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, contact us today.