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Interior Slab Repair & Leveling

Keep Your Slabs Stable & Safe

crack in interior concrete slabThe concrete slab inside your Arkansas home provides strength and stability to the foundation. If the slab is damaged or sinking, your home can be in danger of having structural issues. Pests and water can enter through hairline cracks and bigger cracks can lessen the strength of the slab.

A sinking or unlevel slab can lead to cracked walls, sticking doors and windows, and other structural damage. The stability of your home is in question with a sinking concrete slab.

Fortunately, Airlift Concrete Experts can help you restore your slab. Through the use of polyurethane foam, we can level your concrete slab and repair any cracks there may be. The polyurethane foam quickly cures, allowing you to use the concrete slab the same day as the repair is made.

How Polyurethane Foam Works

The process for raising an interior concrete slab is pretty efficient. Small holes are drilled into the concrete and the foam is injected under the slab. The foam expands, lifting the concrete to the desired height and sealing the bottom of the concrete slab. The foam is waterproof and won't erode or compress like the slurry used in mudjacking. After the slab reaches the desired height, the holes are sealed and in about fifteen minutes the slab is ready to use.

Contact the professionals at Airlift Concrete Experts today to help keep your concrete strong with polyurethane foam injection.

interior concrete slab repair and leveling before and after photos