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Garage Column Cracks in Little Rock, Arkansas

Because you actually live in your home and spend time there, it is not uncommon or difficult to notice signs of foundation failure. It may, however, be more difficult to notice these symptoms in your garage. That is why it is a good practice to check the structure of the garage regularly and ensure the foundation is intact. If you see cracks in the garage columns, foundation failure may not be far behind. This is a huge problem, as it can cause structural instability that may eventually lead to the collapse of the garage, ruining your car and any possessions that you store in your garage. Fortunately, Airlift Concrete Experts can help you with all sorts of foundation repair in Little Rock, Arkansas.

If the slab that supports your garage starts to slide or settle, cracks might form in the columns, which are the spaces between garage doors. Usually, these columns are made of some sort of brick, masonry, or other such material that provides structural support for the garage. Cracks in the garage columns could lead to several other structural issues.

Foundation Repair in Little Rock, Arkansas for Garage Column CracksMost often, garage column cracks are the result of soil problems under the garage foundation. Common soil problems in Little Rock include:

  • Erosion: Causes foundation settlement when the soil under the concrete is washed away by sudden or heavy rains.
  • Soil Shrinkage: Is caused by a lack of moisture that results in the soil shrinking and shifting to move the concrete above.
  • Sinkhole Formation: As soil erodes or shrinks, it can fall away and form voids that fail to support the foundation above, leading to settlement and shifting.
  • Poor Compaction/Settlement: When the soil is not properly prepared before the concrete is laid, it will settle and cause foundation issues later on.

These are all issues that can result in garage column cracks. Call Airlift Concrete Experts today if you notice cracks in your garage columns, walls, or floor.

Solutions to Fix Garage Column Cracks in The Little Rock, AR Area

A solution that can be used to raise and stabilize concrete is polyjacking. This is a repair method that involves drilling holes in the concrete slab and injecting an expansive polyurethane material below the slab. Once injected, the polyurethane material expands to fill in voids and lift the concrete, reversing settlement. This method can eliminate sinking foundations to keep garage columns stable. Once the slab has been lifted, the cracks in the garage columns can be sealed to prevent water infiltration.

garage column repair before and after images

These solutions are just a few of the ways that Airlift Concrete Experts can help you make sure that your garage is well-supported. Call us today to find out more about our foundation repair services in Little Rock, Arkansas.