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If you notice cracked concrete blocks in your Arkansas home or business, this could be a sign that you have a settling foundation. If this is the case, you may be experiencing several other issues such as:

Are any of these issues occurring in your home or business? If so, it is important to have a professional come and inspect your home. The experts at Airlift Concrete Experts will come and give you a free inspection and offer you a personalized solution for your foundation repair needs.

Here are some of the different issues that you may find in your brickwork or concrete, and what they indicate:

  • Compaction: When settling or sinking of your foundation occurs, it will cause bricks to compact down on each other.
  • Vertical Corner Cracks: These cracks occur when there is drying or shrinkage in the soil around your home or business.
  • Bulging of Brick or Masonry Walls: This can be caused by corrosion of the shelf angle. They can also be caused by excessive rainwater coming down the sides of the home, and oversaturation of the ground around the wall.
  • Step Cracks: In most cases, this occurs due to settlement or deflections. If the support for walls settles or is deflected, the brick and masonry will follow suit.

Concrete Block Repair

Let Airlift Concrete Experts come and give your home or commercial property a free inspection. If we find that the cracked brick or concrete block is due to foundation failure, we have solutions to get your foundation permanently stabilized.

We use underpinning products to lift your foundation back up and give your structure the support it needs. With our experienced team and elite products, you can be assured that the repair will last a lifetime.

cracked brick repair before and after images

Airlift Concrete Experts is a locally owned and operated business in Alexander, AR. We have established an outstanding reputation in the area and we intend to keep it that way. You will get the personal attention you deserve. If you have any questions about cracked brick or concrete blocks, or concerns regarding your foundation, give us a call today.