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Have you noticed that the basement walls in your home or business are bowing or leaning? Bowing and leaning walls can be an indicator of a larger problem: foundation damage. Do not ignore bowing and leaning walls as they can pose a significant threat to your building and its occupants.

What Causes Bowing and Leaning Walls in Little Rock, Arkansas?

leaning walls, bowed wall repair, bowed wall, leaning wall, bowing wallMany basement walls, no matter the type, fail over time. The most common cause is too much lateral pressure from the soil outside caused by poor drainage, uncontrolled water, poor waterproofing, and over-compaction of the soil. If left unrepaired, leaning walls can cause incredible structural damage throughout your home or business. Contact Airlift Concrete Experts for an inspection and quality foundation repair in Arkansas.

Leaning Walls can Lead to Other Serious Foundation Problems

If the walls are bowing or leaning, it means that there is pressure against them, most likely created by an uneven foundation or water damage. If bowing and leaning walls are left unrepaired, it could be a hazard to the structural integrity of the building. Load-bearing walls need to remain strong in order to keep the rest of your structure stable.

Since leaning walls are a sign of moisture damage and/or foundation problems, be aware of other signs of damage throughout your building:

Helical Anchors Fix Bowing Basement Walls

To fix bowed and leaning walls in the Little Rock, Arkansas or the surrounding area, you can count on the specialists at Airlift Concrete Experts. We can install helical tieback anchors. These products will help to prevent the soil around your property from causing too much pressure on the walls. Helical anchors are installed in the ground around the foundation with a plate inside the wall. The wall anchors pull the wall back into shape and add support to the structure. Helical anchors work to distribute the lateral pressure, straighten the walls, and keep them from further damage.

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The foundation is the most integral part of your business or home, so keeping it in good shape will increase the overall safety and health of your household or employees. If you have noticed bowing walls and leaning walls in your Little Rock building, don’t hesitate to call Airlift Concrete Experts at (501)-744-8274. Let us give you a free consultation today.