Using Polyurethane Foam to Combat Foundation Settlement

Underground Water Displacement Gets to the Heart of the Problem 

You may be experiencing symptoms of foundation settlement like noticeable cracks, sticking doors, and windows, or uneven floors. Foundation settlement leads to the need for expensive foundation repairs. Most certainly this problem is often overlooked. One of the main causes of foundation settlement is the oversaturation of soil in the ground beneath your foundation. There is a solution that can stop foundation settlement (caused by water in the soil) in its tracks: underground water displacement using polyurethane foam. Airlift Concrete Experts use this method to resolve the problem. Let’s take a close look at this process, how it works, and its benefits. 


Using polyurethane foam to combat foundation settlement

How Underground Water Displacement Works 

Firstly, understand that water follows the path of least resistance. Because of this, it penetrates weak, loose, and poorly compacted soil. It also will find its way into voids. Therefore water freely travels through these types of soil. So, let’s explain how polyurethane helps. During the process of underground water displacement with polyurethane foam, small diameter probes are inserted into the concrete of the foundation. Polyurethane foam injects into these probes. The foam expands throughout the voids underneath the foundation. Now the water is displaced and soil is strengthened underneath your home. 

The Benefits of Polyurethane Foam for Water Displacement

In addition to strengthening the soil underneath your foundation, and displacing the water itself, there are other benefits of using polyurethane foam in this application. Foam will never change its shape. It will not absorb groundwater over time. Moreover, it is essentially a permanent solution. Not only does it displace the water that is currently affecting the structure, but it prevents any future water from affecting it as well. Finally, our polyurethane solution is fully resistant to water and will last for years to come. In addition to residential foundations, polyurethane foam is used for: 

  • storm sewers
  • sinkholes under roads 
  • seawalls 
  • under driveways, patios, and walkways

Airlift Concrete Experts Can Protect Your Home From Foundation Settlement

In conclusion, if you are experiencing the symptoms of foundation settlement, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Airlift Concrete Experts. Additionally, we provide consultations on underground water displacement. We serve the entire state of Arkansas including Little RockConwayPine Bluff, and Alexander. Also, our customer service team is available to answer your questions. 

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