Voids Beneath Concrete Can Cause Sinking

If you have sinking or settling concrete on your driveway, sidewalk, or porch, or patio, you may have a void beneath the concrete causing it to sink. Voids beneath concrete can cause sinking because they allow for the slabs to move. 

Causes of Voids Beneath Concrete

More often than not, voids beneath concrete are caused by erosion and poor water management. When water is left to sit and sink into the ground it can cause the soil to move and displace. It’s important to have proper drainage on your property so that your concrete doesn’t sink. 

Voids Cause Settling

As we previously mentioned, voids can form beneath concrete and cause it to sink and settle. In most cases, this will happen slowly over time. However, you may notice a big difference after seasons like spring and winter when there is excess moisture content entering the soil. Areas like driveways and sidewalks can noticeably sink quickly if there are voids in certain areas. 

Finding Voids to Avoid Sinking

We can use GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to discover voids and anomalies beneath the concrete. Knowing where these voids are will allow us to properly fill them and address any settling issues. In order to fill the voids, we will use a polyurethane foam that will completely fill any voids, as well as lift and level slabs that might have already started settling. Polyurethane foam will add strength and stability to soil, preventing further movement in the future.

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