Are Tree Roots Causing Concrete Cracks Around Your Home?

A Common Problem With Concrete, Tree Roots Can Cause Homeowner Headaches

When you think of trees are part of your yard’s landscape, generally, you think of pleasant thoughts. Trees provide shade, they turn beautiful colors in the fall, and they add character to any yard. That being said, they can also be a major cause of homeowner headaches. As your tree grows, the root system grows with it. Before you know it, the roots can encroach on sidewalks, driveways, and patios.  The bigger the roots, the bigger the problem, leading to concrete cracks, shifting, tripping hazards, and more. What can be done?

Tree roots can cause concrete cracks

It’s Not the Trees Fault It’s All In the Soil

Tree roots directly impact the soil around your home. As roots grow and move through different types of soil they impact the soil conditions and ultimately the concrete structures situated in the soil around the tree. Due to this activity, the result is often concrete settling, which causes the cracks and shifting that you see. You may even see the concrete buckle and break apart in places.

What Can Be Done to Repair Buckled, Cracked, or Settled Concrete?

At Airlift Concrete Experts, we utilize the technique of polyurethane concrete repair. What does this method entail? Polyurethane concrete repair is a process that uses foam to raise and level concrete. The method can also seal concrete cracks and voids. It can be used on:

  • Sidewalks

  • Driveways

  • Pool decks

  • Concrete patios

  • Retaining walls

  • Garage floors

  • Concrete steps

  • Homes built on a concrete slab

This type of concrete crack repair is affordable and long-lasting. The process is quick and has a fast curing time, so it is very convenient for homeowners.

Contact Airlift For a Consultation For Concrete Crack Repair

If you are in need of concrete repair, Airlift Concrete Experts can provide you with a technical consultation to diagnose your specific needs and map out a solution. We are committed to making your concrete strong and safe, so If you are looking for long-lasting results that won’t break the bank, contact Airlift Concrete Experts today to learn more about our polyurethane solutions. We offer services for both residential or commercial properties in the Arkansas area.

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