Spring Concrete Problems

Why do we always notice more concrete problems in the spring? Cooler weather in the winter causes the soil to freeze or harden. But come springtime, drastic changes in temperature and moisture content heavily contribute to spring concrete problems. 

Spring Concrete Problems

All of the extra rain in the spring means that soil is constantly moving and shifting. If you notice standing water in your yard, you’ll likely notice concrete changes too. 

Settling Driveways

sunken driveway lifted in Arkansas with Polyurethane foamOne of the most common thing people notice during the spring is that their driveway has sunken, and even sometimes cracked. As moisture is introduced to the soil, the soil expands. When the water evaporates and the soil dries, the soil shrinks. The constant expansion and contraction of soil causes a lot of movement, not only of the soil, but also for concrete. 

Buckled Sidewalks

Another common concrete problem you might notice is buckled sidewalks. Heat combined with soil movement can cause concrete to expand and shift. Soil movement can cause one concrete slab to settle further than another, and when heat is introduced quickly, soil shrinks while concrete expands. 

We Can Fix Your Concrete Problems This Spring

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