How Spring in Arkansas Affects Concrete – an Infographic

Rain and it's affects on Concrete - an infographic

How do Spring Rains Affect Concrete in Arkansas?

April is when we really see the advance of Spring. Days are longer and there is plenty of sunshine. Temperatures start to rise and stay in the 70s. With so many of us sheltering in place right now, we know that you all are as grateful for this good weather as we are.  The only drawback is that it is also storm season in Arkansas. How does this weather affect the concrete around your home or business? Can the weather actually affect concrete in your driveways and sidewalks?

Concrete is made with water. It’s essential in the concrete-making process. While it’s necessary for making concrete, it can be very destructive to concrete in large doses.


Water can cause washout and create voids beneath the concrete. When soil is not properly stabilized, rain can cause it to wash away. If concrete is above areas where washout has occurred it can sink and crack.


When it rains and there is poor drainage, water can end up around foundation walls and under concrete. It can cause the soil to expand and this puts pressure on foundation walls. The opposite is true as well, when the soil dries out it can shrink and the concrete can settle. Both of these problems can cause cracks to form in concrete.

The best way to prevent problems is to be prepared!

Properly installed drainage solutions can help prevent water from harming your foundation and concrete. Properly installed gutters that are kept clean can keep water away from your foundation. But if problems already exist, you can repair them with polyurethane to fill cracks and lift and level concrete. For your foundation, an inspection is required to see what type of repair is needed.

While you are staying at home right now it is a good time to take a look at your foundation and look for cracks and uneven concrete. We are still able to do inspections (at a safe distance of course!) and do concrete and foundation repairs. To get a free estimate give our team a call.

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