Pool Foundation Repair: Seeing The Signs

3 Signs Your Pool Foundation Needs Repair

As the warm weather comes around, we all get excited for that first dip in the pool.  We start making arrangements for swim dates with the kiddos, and we begin to think about hosting a neighborhood barbecue swim party. This is pretty typical. However, with this in mind, it is important to provide a safe environment for all visitors and swimmers, alike.  This means checking your pool deck and surrounding areas for surface cracks, puddles, and shifting soil. Here are a few things you should inspect every year to ensure your pool deck is safe for your family and for visitors.

Surface Cracks 

pool deck before and after

Surface cracks are visible; it is hard to miss them.  Surface pool cracks happen for a few reasons. If you live in an environment that gets cold in the wintertime, low temperatures can definitely influence the surface of your pool deck. Water typically expands when it freezes, so any water that was under the pool deck could have caused cracking when it expands during the winter. Unfortunately, this expanding water will lead to an uneven surface above the ground. 

Standing Water

An in-ground pool requires lots of maintenance. One of the most important things to look for is standing water. When pooling water occurs around a pool deck this is a sure sign of improper drainage. Standing water can cause a host of negative attributes such as causing ugly stains and growing unnecessary mold. In addition, the pool deck becomes slippery which can become quite dangerous. If outside water is coming from a downspout or improperly laid landscaping, this is also a serious issue. Outside water tends to carry dirt, debris, and bacteria which can affect the chemical levels in the pool.

Sloping Concrete

Normally, there is sloping concrete when it comes to pool decks and underground pools. However, it is important to note which direction the slope is heading. A pool deck should slope away from the pool. This prevents dirty water and unwanted debris from entering your pool. Furthermore, if your sloping concrete is settling, then this can cause a dangerous unlevel deck. Fixing this sooner than later will prevent future, more pressing issues.

Contacting a professional concrete leveler is definitely the way to go. An expert will take a close look at the foundation of your pool deck and give you an honest opinion about its status.  Want a free consultation, call us at 501-725-8114 today!



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