Why is My Pool Deck Cracking and Settling?

As we begin to long for those warm days of summer, and fun around the pool, we tend to take a closer look at the pool and pool deck to prepare for the season. Do you have cracking and settling concrete surrounding your pool? A safe a secure pool deck is important for the safety of your family as well as the value of your home. So, why is your pool deck cracking and settling, and what can be done about it? Let’s take a closer look! 


The Cause of Pool Deck Cracking and Settling Fix a pool deck cracked and settling with polyjacking.

One of the most significant factors that can affect your pool deck, especially this time of year is freeze and thaw cycles. As the water molecules freeze and thaw, they expand and contract and can lead to cracking concrete. In addition, your pool deck could also be affected by:

  • Shifting and settling soil under the slab.
  • Concrete that was not mixed properly.
  • Age of the concrete. 

Although concrete is a strong substance, it is prone to cracking and settling. This created tripping hazards around your pool that can be dangerous for your family and friends, as well as affecting your home’s value. So what can be done to repair a cracked or settling pool deck? 

Airlift Uses Polyjacking for Pool Deck Repair 

Polyjacking or Polyurethane Concrete Leveling, is a highly effective and efficient way to repair your cracking or settling pool deck. We will drill strategically placed holes around your deck, to which injection ports will be placed. Using these injection ports, polyurethane foam will be injected under the concrete slab, filling gaps and cracks, and then raising the concrete back into place. The polyurethane foam can also be used to fill cracks. The foam takes very little time to cure, so therefore your pool deck will be back in use very shortly after the process is complete. Once all the foam is injected, the ports are removed and the holes filled, leaving your pool deck level and safe for years to come. Polyjacking benefits include: 

Image shows concrete leveling, which can be used on cracked or settling pool decks.

  • Takes very little time to complete
  • Long lasting solution 
  • Cost effective 
  • No heavy equipment needed 
  • Polyurethane foam is water resistant and environmentally responsible.  
  • Less expensive than replacement 

Is your pool deck cracking or settling? Tackle your concrete issue early on before the swimming season gets here! Be ready to enjoy the family pool safely, and improve your homes value and curb appeal with polyurethane concrete leveling today! For your free estimate, contact the Airlift Concrete Experts team. We can also provide you with an inspection of your pool deck to provide you with a plan for repairs. Get ready for summer now, we are just one phone call away! 


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