What is Polyurethane Foam Injection?

airlift polyurethane injection for concrete repairs

We strive to provide the latest and and most advanced forms of concrete repair in the industry. That is why we choose polyurethane foam injection over other traditional forms whenever possible. 

What is Polyurethane Foam Injection?

Polyurethane foam injection is a used for a wide variety of things in concrete repair such as leveling and raising concrete slabsraising footings, and displacing underground water. Polyurethane foam injection, also known as “poly-jacking” is an alternative method to concrete repair, similar to mud jacking. However, polyurethane foam has many more advantages over traditional mud jacking methods.

How Does it Perform?

When comparing polyurethane injection to alternative methods, polyurethane injection is quicker, more precise, more structurally stable. With polyurethane, our contractors are able to the job done with less disturbance than other methods. In addition, polyurethane is also moisture and decay resistant so you can count on it to last longer than alternative methods as well. 

How We Can Help

We are experts in all types of applications for commercial, and residential polyurethane foam injection. Our team has completed a variety of poly-foam injection projects, even in very unique situations. With our expertise, we’re confident in our abilities to tackle any project, as well as teach others our methods. We offer professional consulting for the following:

  • Pipe Sealing
  • Raising Footings
  • Storm Drain Water Infiltration
  • Manhole Water Infiltration
  • Commercial Foam Injection Applications
  • Residential Foam Injection Applications
  • Industrial Foam Injection Applications
  • Soil Stabilization

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