Benefits Of Polyurethane Foam Injection

What is Polyurethane Foam Injection?

Polyurethane foam injection is a used for a wide variety of things in concrete repair such as leveling and raising concrete slabsraising footings, and displacing underground water. Furthermore, polyurethane foam injection, also known as “poly-jacking” is an alternative method to concrete repair, similar to mud jacking. However, polyurethane foam has many more advantages over traditional mud jacking methods.

The Benefits of Using Polyurethane 

  • Polyurethane Deep InjectionStrong, lightweight and dense
  • Hole repair is completely concealed and unnoticeable
  • Completely ready for service within 15 minutes of completion
  • Smaller and fewer holes are needed to complete the job
  • The foam will retain its strength and structure, reducing the possibility of new gaps or settlement
  • Once injected into the soil, the foam will find a path to fill in all gaps and voided areas under the concrete created by underground water displacement
  • The foam is not weakened by moisture or chemicals found in soil
  • The foam seeks out weak soils and voids during expansion, creating a strong and denser base
  • Polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly. Self contained, this material does not seep.

How Does it Perform?

When comparing polyurethane injection to alternative methods, polyurethane injection is quicker, more precise, and more structurally stable. In fact, applying polyurethane gets the job done with less disturbance. In addition, polyurethane is also moisture and decay resistant so you can count on it to last longer than alternative methods Ultimately, we at Airlift strive to provide the latest and and most advanced forms of concrete repair in the industry. That is why we choose polyurethane foam injection over traditional forms whenever possible. 

Choose Airlift Concrete Experts in Arkansas

Airlift Concrete Experts

Airlift Concrete Experts is your concrete slab lifting and leveling expert in Little Rock, Arkansas and surrounding areas. We repair concrete slabs that are cracked, uneven, crumbled, or that have settled over time. If you need concrete repair for your driveway, walkway, patio, garage floor, or porch steps, we can help!

How We Can Help

Specifically, we are experts in all types of applications for commercial, and residential polyurethane foam injection. Our team has completed a variety of poly-foam injection projects, even in very unique situations. With our expertise, we confidently believe in our ability to tackle any project. In fact, we strive to teach others our methods.  Additionally, we offer professional consulting for the following:

  • Pipe Sealing
  • Raising Footings
  • Storm Drain Water Infiltration
  • Manhole Water Infiltration
  • Commercial Foam Injection Applications
  • Residential Foam Injection Applications
  • Industrial Foam Injection Applications
  • Soil Stabilization

Basically, Contact us to learn more about our polyurethane injection and poly-injection consulting services!

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