Manholes and Drain Repair with Polyfoam

We can use polyfoam to repair manholes, drains, and culverts. In fact, many times, these projects had to be excavated to be repaired. This is costly, time-consuming, and in some situations, dangerous. Polyurethane foam is less expensive, quicker, and safer than excavating.

sinkholeAdvantages to Polyurethane Foam Repairs

Everything that makes polyurethane foam great for lifting concrete applies to repair drains and manholes. The curing time is quick (15 minutes or so), allowing you to get back to work. Other methods may take hours or days to set. The foam has compressive strength and tensile strength that is directly proportional to the density of the foam. It’s strong, is what we’re saying.

Polyurethane foam is hydro-insensitive, and it can be injected into wet soil and standing or flowing water. Additionally, it won’t erode and resists water intrusion into the chemical reaction that causes the mixture to become foam.

sinkholeApplications for Infrastructure Projects

Ultimately, there are many ways that polyurethane foam can be used for repairing culverts, drains, and manholes in infrastructure projects.

Corrugated Drain Pipes

Although plastic corrugated drain pipes are strong, they can be compressed by heavy soil or concrete above the pipe. By supporting the pipe with polyurethane foam, the drain will be strengthened and protected from being crushed. In addition, the foam provides insulation from the elements and won’t be affected by changes in temperatures.

Box Culverts

Many times box culverts will develop a leak between joints. Polyurethane foam injected around the culvert will not only seal the leak but will also fill the voids that may be around the culvert. In fact, the foam will push out any water that is outside of the culvert, compact the soil around it, and then seal the joint, making it waterproof. 


Manholes can be impacted by shifting soils and changes in temperatures. Furthermore, these leaks can develop, making the manhole uncomfortable and dangerous. Polyurethane foam can stabilize the manhole and seal any leaks that have begun. The foam fills in voids around the manhole, making the shaft stronger. 

Airlift Concrete Experts Knows Polyurethane

If you are having trouble with culverts, manholes, or drains, the pros at Airlift Concrete Experts can help you restore the strength, stability, and security of your infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about all the services we offer for your residential, municipal, or commercial property.


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