How to Locate Voids and What to Do when You Find Them

looking for sunken concrete is one way to locate voidsLurking beneath the surface all around Arkansas are sinkholes and voids that you don’t know about. As a homeowner, this is a BIG problem. How can you fix a problem you don’t even know that you have? How do you locate voids in your yard or around your home?

First, know how to detect potential voids. Look for depressions in the earth where water pools. Watch for changes in your yard’s surface. Be alert to changes in the foundation of your home. Settlement of your foundation is a sign that voids or sinkholes may be occurring around the exterior or beneath the foundation. Keep an eye out for new cracks in sidewalks or driveways as they may be a sign that a void has opened up beneath that concrete. If you have a well, a sudden change in well levels could indicate a problem as well. 

Locate Voids, ✔️: Now What?

So what if you notice the changes listed above? What’s next? 

You need a professional once you’ve noticed the changes above. A concrete contractor like Airlift Concrete Experts can do a visual inspection of your property to see if the signs you have noticed should be of concern to you as a homeowner. Another option is to use GPR (ground penetrating radar) to “see” what’s happening beneath the surface. GPR isn’t just for forensics any longer. You can detect voids beneath the surface and find out the severity of that void. 

Airlift Concrete Experts have solutions such as polyurethane foam injection that can fill voids and sinkholes. The poly foam used in this process cures quickly. To learn more about the polyurethane process used to fill voids and level concrete you can click here

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