Lift a Sinking Porch with Polyurethane Foam

Is your front porch sinking or pulling away from the front of your house? That means your porch is settling. If your porch or front steps are sinking, you’ll want to get those repaired as soon as possible to avoid major cracks where you’ll likely be forced to replace the whole area. At Airlift Concrete Experts, we can lift a sinking porch with polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam injection will add strength and stability to the soil beneath your sinking porch, reducing the chance for further settlement in the future.

Why Lift a Sinking Porch with Polyurethane Foam?

Lift a sinking porch with polyurethane foam

The best time to have concrete repaired is as soon as you notice sinking settling. If the slabs are left alone, the settlement will only get worse. This will ultimately cause the concrete to crack which makes it easier for concrete to chip. Any time there are missing pieces of concrete, it gets more difficult to repair back to their original state. 

It is very common for porches and front stoops to settle unevenly, and fairly quickly. These areas are small, and in some cases, not attached well to the foundation of the home. This makes it easy for water and soil to move beneath these areas. More soil movement leads to more settlement. As we previously mentioned, it’s better to have these areas repaired sooner than later, otherwise, you may be forced to replace these areas altogether. 

Polyjacking Versus Mudjacking

We can lift and level settling porches and steps with polyurethane foam injection, otherwise known as a process called polyjacking. Polyjacking is a simple and non-invasive method for lifting and leveling concrete with polyurethane foam. This is a new and improved method for mudjacking, which uses a slurry of concrete, sand, and gravel to fill voids and lift concrete. When compared to mudjacking, polyjacking is faster, more effective, and gives longer-lasting repair results. With mudjacking, you are actually adding more weight to already compromised soil. Adding more weight to the soil only makes the problem worse down the road. 

On the other hand, using polyurethane foam to lift concrete actually adds strength and stability to the soil. Polyurethane foam is also lightweight and won’t deteriorate due to moisture. When we’re ready to level concrete, we drill small holes through the concrete in strategically placed areas so that we are able to target the problem areas. Then we will inject polyurethane foam through the holes underneath the concrete where any holes and gaps will be filled. As foam moves beneath the concrete, it expands and begins to lift. Once the foam hardens, you will have a permanent solution to your sinking porch problem!

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