Job Feature: Grain Bin Floor Repair

Airlift Concrete Experts Doing What They Do Best: Concrete Lifting

Concrete can be complicated. It starts out smooth and level, and over time, due to various factors such as age, the elements, and the load that it bears, it begins to sink. This affects all types of structures such as driveways, sidewalks, slab foundations, and as you will see in this job feature, grain bin concrete floors. It may be subtle, or you may notice it all of a sudden, but if you rely on your grain bins to support and store your grains, then a sinking concrete floor is both troublesome to your livelihood and possibly dangerous as well. Grain bins are one of the most essential parts of your farm. Therefore, if you do have sinking concrete inside your bin, Airlift is here to assist you with grain bin floor repair through polyurethane concrete lifting. 

Airlift in Action 

Recently we were able to complete a highly successful grain bin floor repair returning this farm’s grain bins to full and safe functionality. We were able to test the soils beneath the bin to paint a clear picture of the cause of this concrete sinking. With this important information, our team of professionals was able to formulate a plan to properly lift the concrete inside the bin. We were then able to use quality industry devices to raise and lift the concrete to its original position eliminating pooling water (as you will see in the photos above) which can damage and destroy the stored grain. 

Do You Need Grain Bin Floor Repair? 

If you have concerns about sinking concrete in your grain bin or have noticed pooling water or cracks in the slab inside the bin, please contact us today. We understand how important your grain bins are to your farm. At Airlift, we take your repair needs very seriously. We are confident that our highly qualified technicians can repair your bin, making your farm functional and safe again. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation. Let’s discuss your needs and our process. Contact us to schedule yours today!

View our Grain Bin Floor Repair video below! For more informative videos about the services we provide, stop by our YouTube channel

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