Hurricane Season Brings More Rain to Arkansas

flooded exterior of home with sandbags

Hurricane Season and Flooding

Tropical weather hitting Arkansas is nothing new. In fact, every year, hurricane season brings more rain which brings more flooding throughout the state. How does this affect the foundation of your home? A lot. Any movement of your home’s foundation can create small and large shifts to your entire house.  This is why it is very important to understand how hurricane season can potentially damage your home’s foundation.  For instance, Hurricane Laura is predicted to remain a tropical storm hours after it hits land. According to NPR News, The threat of widespread flash and urban flooding, along with small streams overflowing their banks, will be increasing Wednesday night into Thursday from far eastern Texas, across Louisiana, and Arkansas.”  Ultimately, this hurricane will create serious amounts of rainfall. 

 Foundation Damage from Heavy Rainfall

horizontal crack foundation, structural cracks in houses

Consequently, consistent; heavy rainfall can damage your foundation in two ways. First, heavy rainfall and flooding can create fast-moving water which will cause erosion. Moreover, faster-moving water can pick up more particles which can then filter into the soil more fluidly. When water begins to seep into the foundation, this causes the second type of foundation damage: the widening of foundation cracks. When foundation cracks begin to widen, this can cause serious water problems and foundation damage to your home. Unfortunately, a new hurricane season does not help with previous foundation issues. You might be wondering, how can I fix my foundation issues due to storms AND/OR prevent them from happening again?

Repairing and Preventing Foundation Issues

According to Airlift Concrete Experts, “since Arkansas is covered in expansive clay, many Arkansas property owners will inevitably experience foundation issues due to the shrinking and swelling of the soil…{in fact}, a lot of excess water builds up around the foundation” particularly around hurricane season. Luckily, there are several methods to repair and prevent foundation issues due to hurricane season and flooding.

Polyjacking and Polyurethane

Because of oversaturated earth swelling and soil expansion due to heavy rainfall, Airlift Concrete Experts offers polyjacking to not only repair cracks, but it can prevent future settlement issues. Similarly, too much water can soften wood and rust metal, which weakens the foundation of your home. Foundation seepage is common, particularly after storm season. Therefore, “when heavy rainfalls come, the soil around your home will expand and the hydrostatic pressure will increase.” Consequently, several issues can follow leading to more foundation issues such as floor cracks, wall cracks, crumbling foundation, gaps, and spacing in your foundation wall, etc. Luckily, polyurethane solutions can help with soil stabilization and permanently strengthen eroding soils. 

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