How to Repair a Concrete Driveway

how to repair a concrete driveway

One of the most frequently asked questions in Google about concrete repair is “How to repair a concrete driveway”. You will find videos from the likes of Lowe’s and Home Depot with steps on how to repair driveway cracks. While we recognize some cracks might be repairable, others need professional repairs. So when asking how to repair my concrete driveway, also ask should I repair my concrete driveway, or do I need professional assistance? How can you tell the difference?

Types of Common Concrete Problems in Driveways in Arkansas


Small cracks in your driveway may not seem like a big deal but if left alone they are a much bigger deal. It doesn’t take much to cause cracks to get bigger. Changes in weather, drought conditions, excess rain can all cause them to expand. Soil contracts and expands and causes cracks to separate.

Uneven Concrete

Uneven concrete can be caused by voids beneath the concrete. This is a trip hazard and also dangerous to vehicles that drive over uneven concrete. Voids can be identified and filled with polyurethane injection.

Standing Water on Concrete Surfaces

Water can be a problem because it can attract mosquitos and other bugs, but that is the least of your worries with standing water. Water pooling on concrete can cause increased wear on your concrete.

Changes in Concrete

Discoloration, spalling, chipping, and flaking are signs your concrete is eroding. In combination with other problems such as cracking and sinking of concrete may indicate your concrete driveway needs to be repaired or potentially even replaced.

Get professional help with concrete driveway repairs

While you can repair your own concrete with a DIY video, we recommend having your concrete driveway inspected to make sure there is not an underlying cause of your problems. Airlift Concrete Experts know concrete. We provide consultations to and do concrete work for municipalities for concrete problems in large foundations, drainage, parking lots, and more. So you can trust our team to assist you with your concrete inspection and repairs.

Have questions on how and when to repair your concrete driveway? Contact us today.

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