Ground Penetrating Radar Services

One of the many tools that Airlift Concrete Experts uses is Ground Penetrating Radar Services. This allows us to “see” under the ground to look for obstacles and potential issues. GPR Arkansas & Geotechnical Services LLC provides us with this service.

GPR Arkansas, through the use of GPR, is more thorough and detailed than services provided by ones like One Call and 411.

The system used by GPR Arkansas is state of the art and works equally well for residential, commercial, and municipal applications. GPR is more effective than X-Rays, metal detectors, and other methods used to detect underground hazards, voids, utilities, and other objects.

How Ground Penetrating Radar Services Work

A yellow GPR unitSo, how exactly does a GPR unit see under the surface? A GPR operator uses radio waves to detect objects below the ground. During a scan, the GPR unit, which resembles a pushcart or lawnmower is moved across the area in a systematic grid. This allows a thorough reading of the area.

While covering the area, a transmitter emits a radio wave into the ground. These high-frequency, polarized radio waves will respond differently when they encounter an obstacle. They may reflect, refract, or scatter back to the surface. The GPR unit can decipher these different types of waves to create an image of what is below the ground. A map is then created of these readings.

It takes a trained operator to understand what the images are and what they mean. To the trained eye, they can determine the difference between objects, types of soil, and other anomalies.

Is GPR Something You Can Use?

You must know what is beneath the surface before you begin digging. Also, tearing up concrete can be expensive and, depending on what is below the slab, you may not need to demolish it.

Ground Penetrating Radar can locate objects that don’t conduct a current or are non-metallic. Some items would be plastic, PVC, concrete, tree roots, and other objects that can’t be detected through electromagnetic locating.

In addition to these items, GPR can also detect voids, water and sewer lines, buried structures, unmarked graves, and more. The more information you have in regards to what is beneath the soil or concrete, the better decision you can make on how to move forward.

Contact the professionals at GPR Arkansas & Geotechnical Services LLC to learn more about how Ground Penetrating Radar can help you keep your property, structures, and people safe. You will also save yourself the time, money, and stress that could come with breaking utility lines or structures.

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