Why is My Grain Bin Sinking?

Spring is nearly here, and with it is a time that, as a farmer, you are preparing and cleaning your grain bin for the upcoming season. In doing so, have you observed sinking or settling of the concrete floor? If you believe you have grain bin sinking, you are probably wondering why. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of settlement, and what it means for your farming operation. 

Why is My Grain Bin Sinking? 

Inside a grain bin ready for repair.

Inside a grain bin ready for repair.

Concrete settlement happens for a number of reasons. The result is most often the same, you see cracks, or sloping concrete. The causes could be as a result of: 

  • Soil shrinkage or soil compaction: if the soil under your grain bin floor was not properly compacted, or it becomes too dry, this can result in settlement. 
  • Too much moisture in the soil or soil washout: This leads to shifting soils under your grain bin floor. 
  • Human error when the concrete was poured. 
  • The type of soil beneath your grain bin can have an effect on how it ages. 

Knowing the reason for your grain bin sinking is an important part of determining a resolution. The best thing you can do to diagnose your grain bin settlement is to have the structure inspected by a professional. The team at Airlift Concrete Experts specialize in grain bin floor repair, and would be happy to provide you with an inspection, and recommendations for repair. 

Why Do I Need to Be Worried About My Grain Bin Settlement? 

When you have a grain bin sinking, you may experience pooling water as you see in this image.

Pooling water in a grain bin due to settlement.

If you have determined that your grain bin is sinking, then you may wonder “Why worry?” Here are some impacts that you may feel as a result of this issue: 

Leaking Water 

Foundation settlement leads to foundation cracks. As a result, water can enter your grain bin floor, damaging the concrete further, and after harvest, can damage and mold your stored grain. 

Problems With Storage 

When you concrete is uneven or damaged, the grain in your bin will settle into those lower areas. This can cause storage issues. In addition your grain sweeper may be damaged by continued movement over the affected areas of your grain bin floor. 

Trip and Fall Hazards 

During the time of year when there is no grain stored in the bin, you may perform maintenance and cleaning. This can mean a trip and fall hazard for you personally. The gaps and cracks in the concrete will likely get worse over time, leading to a bigger risk every time you enter. 

Overall Structural Health of the Bin 

Because settlement occurs over time, you may not even realize the impact that it is having to the overall structural health of your grain bin. In what could be considered a worse case scenario, you could experience grain bin collapse. This is both a dangerous and costly prospect. 

Trust the experts from Airlift to ensure both the safety of your grain, as well as your own personal safety with grain bin lifting and leveling services. We can restore your concrete floor, and make it safe again. Are you ready to have your grain bin inspected? It would be our pleasure to come see you to determine the cause as well as the proper repair solution for you! Contact our team today to get started. 

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