Foundation Wall & Floor Cracks

You have seen them here and there in your basement: foundation wall & floor cracks. They start small and over time you notice that they are getting larger. What causes these cracks in your foundation? It is right to be concerned when you discover foundation or concrete cracks. Some small cracking in the concrete or foundation walls is normal. Other cracks that have grown over time to a medium or larger size could indicate serious foundation problems. With our help, you can learn what causes these concerning cracks and the method that can be used to repair them. 

foundation wall & floor cracks can be repaired with polyurethane. This is a bowing wall with cracks.

What Causes Cracks in a Foundation Wall & Floor? 

Pressure can build up around your foundation and it causes wall cracks and bowing walls.  This pressure is also known as hydrostatic pressure and it can be dangerous for foundation walls. As the pressure builds and pushes inward on your basement (or crawlspace) walls, cracks may begin to form, and in worse cases, bow walls. If left unchecked, foundation failure can occur. It is an excellent idea to have a professional inspect your foundation walls and determine if hydrostatic pressure is causing your foundation cracks. 

Floor cracks are a result of a sinking or settling foundation and this can be a very expensive problem to have. This occurs when the ground under your basement or crawlspace shifts or moves due to pockets or gaps in the soil. In addition, some settlement is natural over time, so the sheer amount of time you have lived in your home means sooner or later you may see cracks. We recommend inspecting your foundation when you see cracks which allow you to know how serious they are and if they require repair. The longer your foundation is affected by settlement the worse your foundation cracks can get. Over time, settlement can lead to much bigger foundation issues. A professional can help you understand the cause of your cracks and offer repair options. 

Using Polyurethane Concrete Repair to Fix Foundation Wall & Floor Cracks

Foundation wall & floor cracks can be repaired with polyurethane. This is an example of basement floor cracks.Both foundation wall & floor cracks can be repaired using polyurethane concrete repair solutions. Using concrete leveling techniques, we can repair settling slabs. All we have to do to repair your floor is drill a small hole and inject the polyurethane foam.  The foam spreads out after the injection process which allows it to fill gaps and cracks. As the foam expands it lifts the slab back into place. Therefore polyurethane concrete leveling is a simple and long-lasting solution. 

Here is a list of polyurethane concrete repair benefits:

  • Firstly, it is easy to apply and does not take long to complete the job.
  • Secondly, polyurethane is moisture resistant and tolerant. 
  • Also, repairing concrete with polyurethane is cost-effective.
  • Finally, the use of polyurethane is environmentally responsible. 

Address your foundation cracks today with a call to Airlift Concrete Experts. We serve the state of Arkansas and have the experience and expertise to help diagnose your foundation problems with an inspection. Click this link to connect for your free estimate. If you would like to find out more about our services, you can visit our YouTube channel, or read more informative blogs. In conclusion, we look forward to putting our passion for concrete repair to work for you! 

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