Foundation Repair for Bowing and Leaning Walls

As we head into the colder months of the year, ensuring that your home’s foundation is safe and secure is more important than ever. Moisture and freezing temperatures can have an effect on your foundation. One symptom of foundation failure is bowing or leaning walls. Excessive moisture in the soil leads to bowing walls. This is caused by pressure coming from the exterior soils surrounding your foundation. When water freezes, it expands, causing additional pressure. Airlift Foundation Repair provides the services you need to repair your bowing and leaning walls. 

Airlift provides foundation repair for bowing and leaning walls.

Helical Tieback Anchors for Foundation Repair

In short, if your home has bowed walls, Airlift Concrete Experts can repair them using helical tieback anchors. Use this foundation repair method to alleviate hydrostatic pressure around foundation walls. Helical anchors are installed in the ground around the foundation with a plate inside the wall. The wall anchors pull the wall back into shape and add support to the structure. Bowing walls indicate a problem with your foundation’s structural integrity. Getting an inspection at the first sign of a bowing or leaning wall is very important to maintaining the safety of your home. The concrete experts at Airlift can inspect your foundation and determine if using helical tiebacks is the right solution for your foundation repair needs. 

A Good Rule of Thumb

As a homeowner, your foundation is integral to the health of your home. Taking the time to scan your foundation on both the interior and exterior is a good practice to get into. Bowing and leaning walls can start small and grow over time. By regularly checking, you can spot evidence of a problem and contact a professional at the first sign of a problem. If you have concerns, getting an inspection can stop a smaller problem from becoming a bigger one. If you have found an area of concern in your foundation, contact us today to schedule an inspection. 

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