Foundation Repair Solutions for Foundation Cracks

If You Have Foundation Cracks, We Have Solutions 

Cracks are a distinct symptom of foundation problems. It is a symptom that cannot, and should not be ignored. The first question that probably goes through your mind is “When should I be worried about foundation cracks?” When you see cracks in your foundation, the first thing to understand is that small cracks can become large ones. Although they may not be serious now, they may become a danger to the structural integrity of your foundation. That is why you need an inspection from the professionals at Airlift Concrete Experts. We offer free home inspections within our service area. We can take a close look at your home’s foundation and determine the severity of the cracks, and what foundation repair solutions will work to resolve the problem. If you need foundation repair in Arkansas, we are here to help. 

What Causes Foundation Cracks? 

Foundation cracks can be caused by naturally occurring events around your home, or as a result of accidental error as the foundation was built:

Natural crack origins:

  • Tree root growth and extension in the soil around your foundation 
  • Soil becoming oversaturated, soil expansion 
  • Changes in soil due to the freeze and thaw cycle 
  • Hot & dry weather conditions 
  • Extremely wet weather conditions 

Cracks caused by accidental errors or aging:

  • Inadequate concrete installation 
  • Excessive movement as the concrete is installed
  • Use of low-quality concrete 
  • Excessive water used to mix the concrete during installation 
  • Broken pipes that lead to underground leaks impacting soils around your foundation. 

Do You Need Foundation Repair Solutions in Arkansas?

Because there are so many possible causes, and impacts on your foundation, we can help you diagnose the cause, which can directly impact the solution to your problem! Above all, this speaks to the importance of a home inspection. In order to fix your problem, it is important to understand how it happened. When it comes to your home’s foundation, do not hesitate to schedule your free inspection, it can only benefit you to know what is going on. In conclusion, if you need foundation repair in Arkansas, or are experiencing cracks, contact us today! 



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