Fixing Concrete with Polyurethane Foam

Fixing concrete with polyurethane foam is a process known as polyjacking. Polyjacking is a more modern approach to lifting and leveling concrete than mudjacking. Instead of a slurry mixture of mud, and concrete, a high-density foam is injected beneath the concrete in order to lift and level sunken slabs.

Fixing Concrete with Polyurethane Foam:

The first step in order to lift sunken or settled concrete is to drill small holes into the surface of the concrete. One advantage to polyjacking is that we are able to use smaller holes than we could with mudjacking. These holes will be filled after the concrete has been lifted. 

The next step is to begin pumping polyurethane foam beneath the concrete. As we inject the foam, it expands and moves beneath the concrete. As the foam expands and moves, it fills any gaps or voids that are present. Once all voids are taken care of, the concrete will begin to lift. This is another advantage that polyjacking presents. Because there are no large chunks of rock or concrete, you don’t have to worry that voids aren’t being filled correctly. 

Another benefit to using foam instead of a concrete mixture is that you’re not adding additional weight to already compromised soil. Although mudjacking will lift the concrete for a period of time, it is usually not a permanent solution. With polyjacking, we’re able to stabilize soil without adding tons of additional weight, taking care of the soil problem, in addition to the sinking concrete. Polyurethane resists moisture, which means it’s a great long-term solution. 

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