Concrete Scanning and Its Benefits

What is Concrete Scanning?

Concrete scanning is the practice of using ground-penetrating radar to find voids under or within a concrete slab.

How can this service benefit you as either a home or business owner?concrete scanning

There are numerous things that can occur that cause voids or sinkholes under or within concrete. Soil can erode, pipes can leak or burst and cause the soil to wash away, and soil can become compacted. This causes the concrete to sink and crack. Your concrete will need to be replaced if it is left untreated.

By scanning the concrete you can find these voids and spaces before they cause failure. It is possible to prevent the very costly need to replace concrete together. You can use polyurethane foam to fill voids, lift and level concrete, and save yourself money. You can also save TIME. Replacement is costly and can be time-consuming. Foam injection cures quickly and allows you to use the concrete soon after the procedure is complete.

Can you have this done all by one company?

Yes! Airlift Concrete Experts can scan your concrete and perform the needed repairs for you. With our services, we are able to repair driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, pool decks, porches, steps, and more. We do work in residential, commercial, and municipal settings. Our technical injection consultation services for businesses. We have solutions for problems related to concrete as well as the tools and training to provide you with the right solution for your specific concrete problem. 

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Concrete scanning uses the latest technology to save you both time and money. Both of these things are something we ALL would like to have more of. Consider concrete scanning for your concrete today. 

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