Concrete Restoration in the Spring

Spring Weather and Concrete Work

Most concrete experts agree that the spring and autumn months are the best time to pour concrete. It’s the best time to commit to any concrete restoration projects.  Temperature plays a large role in role in concrete’s capacity to dry effectively. More specifically, hot weather creates problems with the mixing, placing, and curing of cement concrete. For instance, when temperatures rise above 85 degrees, it can adversely affect the properties and serviceability of the concrete. This is an important fact to note when considering any concrete work.

In fact, according to a report by an ACI committee, research suggests, “Environmental factors, such as high ambient temperature, low humidity, high wind, or both low humidity and high wind, affect concrete properties and the construction operations of mixing, transporting, and placing of the concrete materials. ” In other words, contacting a professional concrete contractor is vital if planning a major project. Make sure to consider all environmental factors. The work it takes to restore concrete is not something that can be done on your own. To sum up, concrete restoration is a time-consuming job that requires experience and knowledge.

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Contact a professional contractor today if you have any questions regarding the best time to complete your concrete restoration project. Ultimately, concrete work saves you time and money if done right the first time. Hire a team that keeps all these factors in mind. That’s why you should call Airlift Concrete Experts at (501)725-8114 to assist with all of your foundation, concrete, and restoration needs. 

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