Cracked or crumbling concrete – do you repair or replace?

Crumbling or cracked concrete, to repair or replaceWe’ve talked a lot about concrete recently. This is because we’ve seen an increase in concrete problems in our area. So we continue to want to address this problem and help you understand when your concrete needs to be repaired. One of the questions people always ask us when they call about their concrete problems is: “do I repair or replace my concrete?”. We’re going to address that today.

Sometimes you just want to replace your concrete. It may be pitted or not as nice-looking as it was originally. There may be hairline cracks and some sinking. So you may just think it’s time to replace my concrete. Then you hear how expensive it is to replace the concrete. The cost can be shocking to homeowners. The good news is repairing concrete can be about a quarter of the cost.

So how do you know when it’s time to replace it or repair it?

A new way of thinking about concrete

Just a decade ago people would’ve thought that their only option for cracked and sunken concrete was to replace it. In the last decade, there have been strides made in the materials that can be used to repair concrete instead. We now have polyurethane that can be used to lift concrete, build a boy beneath it, and fill in cracks in the concrete. These products are fast drying and more durable than products of the past.

What we recommend is to have somebody look at your concrete. A quality concrete screening is often necessary. If it’s surface damage you may not need to do repairs at all unless you really want to. But when cracks and sinking are your problems it’s important to see just how serious the problem is. One of the best things that we can say though, is that we are able to repair a large majority of the concrete problems that we see. This will save you money and time. If concrete replacement is something you need will definitely let you know. Since our consultations are free there’s no risk in having us take a look and make a recommendation.

So to answer your question “repair or replace”? You don’t have to answer that question on your own. Our team is there to help and will guide you in the right way on if concrete repairs are a possibility for you.

Contact us today to have us check out your concrete problems! We serve the entire Little Rock, Arkansas area. 

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