Airlift Fills Void Under Commercial Slab Floor

Commercial Polyurethane Services

Concrete problems happen every day. Concrete problems are not limited to residential and municipal structures. In fact, commercial polyurethane services are also in great need in commercial facilities, such as manufacturing plants. Even with the latest technology, it can be difficult to find where the problem lies. You need an expert in commercial polyurethane services for commercial businesses. That’s where we come in.

we fill voids-boiler room with GPR deviceThis is where ground-penetrating radar is necessary. Airlift often collaborates with GPR in Arkansas to first find the problems that ‘live’ under the ground. For instance, most recently, GPR located a boiler room leak at a food processing plant. We use a special device that transmits electromagnetic energy pulses into the ground. As a result, our team receives an image back to the device showing us what is underneath the surface.

We Fill Voids

The Airlift team was able to fill the void after the underground water leak was located in the boiler room by GPS. Because of this, we were able to lift the sinking concrete slab back to its original height. Using the method of poly jacking is a long-lasting solution to your concrete problems. There were a few other benefits for our client. First off, this solution is eco-friendly, Secondly, it is more affordable than other methods. Most importantly, our polyurethane foam raises and then permanently levels concrete surfaces.

Polyurethane Injection Consulting

Our polyurethane concrete repair and leveling team can find solutions to almost any concrete problem. We provide polyurethane injection consulting services for our customers so they understand the process thoroughly. In addition, we also offer professional consulting services because of our expertise and our experience. 

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