What causes subsurface voids and voids under concrete?

There are numerous causes of subsurface voids and concrete voids. Voids are a very common concrete problem in Arkansas. Here we will try to explain a few. Knowing what causes voids can help you as a home or business owner be aware that you might have them on your property and when to get help. 

Voids can be caused by:

soil erosion can cause subsurface voids

Example of Soil Erosion

Washout: Soil washout can occur when large amounts of water wash away the supporting soils underneath your home, driveway, walkways, porches, and other concrete slabs causing voids to form. After heavy rains, soils can be washed out or washed away. Downspouts that aren’t installed properly can cause loose soils to wash away and voids can open up.

Erosion: The leading cause of soil erosion is water. Running water or rushing water has a lot of power and can easily move soil. The wind is also known to be a leading cause of soil erosion. Wind can pick up soil and blow it away. Movement of soil during construction or projects can also cause problems and changes in vegetation can lead to dry ground which increases the chances of soil erosion.

Animals: Animals can dig holes to live in or move about in around your home and yard as well as under driveways and walkways. 

Any concrete that is poured above these voids will eventually crack and sink because there is no soil beneath it to support it. This can cause damage to your car and be a trip hazard. For voids under foundations, the problem can be quite a bit more expensive than just repairing concrete. If not repaired it can cause foundation settlement and more expensive repairs will be needed. So what can you do?

Polyurethane for Subsurface Voids and Concrete Voids

107383117_1407546229435776_5645454663874393314_nPolyurethane foam can be pumped through dime-sized holes drilled into the concrete and fill the voids beneath. There are a few great things about this solution. It is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Fast-curing
  • Minimally evasive
  • Long-lasting

How do you know if polyurethane concrete leveling is right for you? If you suspect you have voids beneath your concrete, contact our team to check it out. We’ll take a look and verify there are voids and see if polyurethane foam concrete leveling is a good fit as a solution. To get started contact us today.

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