Causes of Structural Damage | Soil Stabilization with Polyurethane

If you have structural damage above ground such as wall cracks or sloping floors, it’s crucial to find out what is causing these issues. More often than not, the causes of structural damage lies beneath the structure altogether. These issues typically stem from unstable soil. Unknowingly, many homeowners will opt for DIY cosmetic fixes like crack fillers and floor levelers. While these cosmetic fixes may make your home look better, it is really only a matter of time before these issues resurface. 

Determining the Causes of Structural Damage

In order to effectively fix foundation problems, you need to determine the cause of the issue in the first place. It’s likely that unstable soil is to blame. Unfortunately, soil can become unstable for a variety of reasons. Your climate, weather patterns, slope of your property, and property maintenance all play an important role in how your soil behaves. As foundation repair specialists, we not only have to determine the source of the problem, but we also aim to prevent further damage from happening in the future.

Stabilizing Soil with Polyurethane for Lasting Results

One way we can help reduce structural damage is to stabilize the soil with polyurethane. Polyurethane is a great solution for stabilizing soil beneath structures, unlike mudjacking. Because polyurethane is lightweight, won’t decompose, and is moisture-tolerant, it can out-last any mudjacking repair. We use a deep injection method that is quick, simple, and provides long-lasting results. By injecting polyurethane foam into the soil, it reduces the soil’s permeability while also increasing its load-bearing capacity.

You can learn more about our soil stabilization techniques by heading over to our Soil Stabilization with Polyurethane Foam page. Ready to fix your structural problems once and for all? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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