What Causes a Leaning Foundation Wall?

A Leaning Foundation Wall is Caused by Several Problems

If you have a leaning or bowing wall in your basement, chances are, it is because of excessive lateral pressure. The cause of a leaning foundation wall is poor or uncontrolled water drainage, poor waterproofing, or over-compaction of soil over time. 

what causes a leaning foundation wall

Uncontrolled Water Drainage

Uncontrolled water drainage can happen if your home’s drainage system isn’t working properly. Clogged gutters, gaps in gutters, and missing downspouts can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation. These systems, when properly installed and maintained, are able to collect water and effectively drain it away from the home.

Poor Waterproofing

When a home’s waterproofing system doesn’t work properly, it can allow water to build up and even seep into the basement. Water naturally flows to the lowest point. Therefore, when water is left to flow naturally without intervention, it seeps along the foundation. 

Over-Compacted Soil

Before homes are built, the soil is compacted to help support the weight of the structure that is being built. However, too much compaction can cause the soil to break down. When soil breaks down, it reduces the support capacity, making it hazardous for foundations.

Excessive Lateral Pressure

Uncontrolled water drainage, poor waterproofing, and over-compacted soil can lead to a build-up of excessive lateral pressure on a foundation. As this pressure builds, it can cause the foundation walls to lean, bow, or even crack. These are serious signs of foundation failure and should be corrected by a professional. 

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