What causes your driveway to sink? Erosion!

A very common cause of a sunken driveway is Erosion. What is erosion? Erosion is the process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents. Erosion is common in the Little Rock area. This is because we definitely see our fair share of the elements.

Erosion can wash soil away from under your driveway. This will create a void or space under the driveway slab. Voids under concrete slabs cause the concrete to sink and crack. Your driveway can begin to sink in areas where the soil has been washed out.

What can you do? 

How does water affect concreteDownspouts and clogged gutters that aren’t installed correctly can lead to more problems with erosion for your driveway. The same goes for poor yard drainage. By maintaining your yard and caring for your downspouts and gutters you can help prevent this from occurring. 

Do you park heavy vehicles on your driveway? Large vehicles or RVs can cause the concrete to sink over time. If you have alternative places to park large vehicles definitely park them there!

You can seal your driveway and it may be a helpful maintenance step you can take to extend the life of the concrete. However, the process of sealing will not help with sinking concrete.

Have a new home? Check the area around your home for settlement and your foundation for cracks. It also could be that the soil beneath your driveway was not compacted properly. We use helpful concrete scanning.

Get help!

A sinking and settling driveway near your garage or home can lead to foundation cracks and costly damage over time. A sinking driveway can lead to vehicle damage and be a tripping hazard. We recommend you get it checked out. Our team can help. We offer free estimates and repair concrete by lifting and leveling it with polyurethane foam. Need to know more? We are the reliable foundation repair experts in Little Rock. Give us a call at 501-744-8274!

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