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Airlift Fills Void Under Commercial Slab Floor

Commercial Polyurethane Services Concrete problems happen every day. Concrete problems are not limited to residential and municipal structures. In fact, commercial polyurethane services are also in great need in commercial facilities, such as manufacturing plants. Even with the latest technology, it can be difficult to find where the problem lies. You need an expert in commercial polyurethane […]

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Basement Leak Repair for Arkansas Homes

basement leak repair for arkansas homes

If you have water in your basement, it’s likely that your basement walls are leaking. Small cracks in your foundation walls can allow water to seep through. Some of the first signs of water problems can be a humid, or musty smelling basement. The sooner you catch the problem, the better off you’ll be. For […]

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yellow signs stating "Area Flooded" hurricane season

Hurricane Season and Flooding Tropical weather hitting Arkansas is nothing new. In fact, every year, hurricane season brings more rain which brings more flooding throughout the state. How does this affect the foundation of your home? A lot. Any movement of your home’s foundation can create small and large shifts to your entire house.  This […]

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