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Interested in Foundation Repair, Concrete Leveling, or Polyurethane Solutions? Read all airlift concrete articles including information about foundation repair, concrete lifting, grain bin floor repair and other services that we provide.

Foundation Repair Solutions for Foundation Cracks

If You Have Foundation Cracks, We Have Solutions  Cracks are a distinct symptom of foundation problems. It is a symptom that cannot, and should not be ignored. The first question that probably goes through your mind is “When should I be worried about foundation cracks?” When you see cracks in your foundation, the first thing to […]

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Job Feature: Grain Bin Floor Repair

Airlift Concrete Experts Doing What They Do Best: Concrete Lifting Concrete can be complicated. It starts out smooth and level, and over time, due to various factors such as age, the elements, and the load that it bears, it begins to sink. This affects all types of structures such as driveways, sidewalks, slab foundations, and as […]

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Using Polyurethane Foam to Raise Foundation Footings

The stability of your foundation lies in large part on the soil beneath it. As the soil compacts, or shifts, your home may be subject to settlement, which can be a big problem for your foundation. It is important to recognize the symptoms of foundation settlement, and when it is time to have your home […]

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Need To Lift Your Grain Bin? Airlift Is On It.

Airlift and Concrete Grain Repair When someone thinks of concrete repair, one typically thinks of a driveway, patio, pool deck, or garage. However, concrete grain repair is needed just the same. Why? The settlement of metal grain bins is common after thousands of pounds of feed have sat inside of it for days on end.  […]

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Airlift Provides Concrete Leveling Services to All of Arkansas

If You Need Concrete Leveling in Arkansas, We Are Here For You Are you in need of concrete leveling or lifting? Do you have sidewalks, driveways, patios, parking lots, or concrete slabs that are sinking? If you are in Arkansas, then Airlift Concrete Experts is here for you. We provide polyurethane concrete leveling services in Arkansas, […]

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Polyurethane Concrete Solutions: So Good You Do Not Need Replacement

Avoid Expensive Repairs by Using Polyurethane Foam  As you look out upon your concrete slabs, driveways, patios, and sidewalks, you may be thinking: “Do I need to replace this?” The answer in many cases is NO. That is due to the fact that polyurethane concrete solutions from Airlift Concrete Experts are so effective. Mike, the owner […]

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Using Polyurethane Foam to Combat Foundation Settlement

Underground Water Displacement Gets to the Heart of the Problem  You may be experiencing symptoms of foundation settlement like noticeable cracks, sticking doors, and windows, or uneven floors. Foundation settlement leads to the need for expensive foundation repairs. Most certainly this problem is often overlooked. One of the main causes of foundation settlement is the oversaturation of soil […]

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older homes can have big foundation problems

Older homes can be charming and full of character. They can all be full of problems, and the foundation can be a big problem. That is why we advise you to get a foundation inspection if you are considering buying an old home. So what do you look for? Time can be Hard on Foundations Time can […]

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How Water Affects Foundations

Understanding how water affects foundations

No matter what type of foundation you have, a basement, crawlspace, or just a slab, water can wreak havoc on it. It can be especially hard on foundations that are surrounded by areas that are constantly wet. This occurs when rainwater is plentiful, which is a common issue in Arkansas. As a homeowner, you can […]

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Can water weaken concrete?

can water weaken concrete

There are a few factors that can play into how your concrete reacts to excess water. What is your concrete cured properly? Are there voids underneath the concrete where water can pool? What is the level of water around your concrete? Are you talking about interior concrete or exterior concrete? All of these questions are […]

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