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Interested in Foundation Repair, Concrete Leveling, or Polyurethane Solutions? Read all airlift concrete articles including information about foundation repair, concrete lifting, grain bin floor repair and other services that we provide.

Example of a bowing wall with cracks.

You have seen them here and there in your basement: foundation wall & floor cracks. They start small and over time you notice that they are getting larger. So what causes these cracks in your foundation? What can be done about them? When you discover cracks, it is understandable to be concerned, and you are […]

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Concrete Experts

Your foundation is essential to your home’s stability, however a large part of what keeps it stable is the foundation footing. This is often taken for granted. So what is your foundation footing, and why is it important?  How is a Foundation Footing Constructed?  During initial construction of your home, the foundation footing is poured. […]

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concrete repair

As we head into the colder months of the year, insuring that your home’s foundation is safe and secure is more important than ever. Moisture,  and freezing temperatures can have an effect on your foundation. One symptom of foundation failure is bowing or leaning walls. Caused by  pressure coming from the exterior soils surrounding your […]

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Calling Qualified Technicians

concrete experts

Airlift Concrete Experts is the premier foundation and concrete leveling company in Arkansas. Because we are also a family lead business, we dedicate ourselves to the highest quality of work. Our objective is to improve the foundation of your home while increasing its value in the future. Our foundation and concrete leveling products and equipment […]

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we fill voids-boiler room with GPR device

Commercial Polyurethane Services Concrete problems happen every day. These problems are not limited to residential and municipal structures. In fact, commercial polyurethane services are also in great need. In commercial facilities, such as a manufacturing plant, it can be difficult to find where the problem lies. This is where ground-penetrating radar is necessary. Airlift often […]

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Airlift Concrete Experts Uses Polyurethane Foam to Fill Washout Void

Airlift Concrete Experts Uses Polyurethane Foam to Fill Washout Void Recently, a rainwater washout was identified underneath an Arkansas dam. GPR Arkansas was able to utilize their concrete scanning /ground penetrating radar to identify the void created by the washout and worked in conjunction with Airlift Concrete Experts to repair the void using polyurethane foam.  […]

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Arkansas’s Most Trusted Foundation Expert

trusted concrete expert

Airlift: Your Go-To Foundation Company Mike, at Airlift Concrete Experts, is Arkansas’s most trusted foundation expert. If you have settling concrete, Airlift should be your go-to company to solve your foundation issues. We use a structural polyurethane that is injected beneath the structure to raise it back to a level state. During this process: we […]

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concrete expert foundation repair

If You Have Foundation Concerns, Airlift’s Expertise Can Ease Them When it comes to your foundation, you may or may not know what you are looking for when it comes to foundation failure. However, you do have your gut instincts which are most often always right. If you have concerns about your foundation, Airlift Concrete […]

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Find solutions for your foundation cracks in Arkansas with Airlift Concrete Experts.

If You Have Foundation Cracks, We Have Solutions  One distinct symptom of foundation problems are cracks in your foundation. A symptom that cannot, and should not be ignored. The first question that probably goes through your mind is “How serious are these cracks, should I be concerned?” When you see cracks in your foundation, the […]

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This article features a job that was completed by Airlift: Grain Bin Floor Repair

AirLift Concrete Experts Doing What They Do Best: Concrete Lifting Concrete can be complicated. It starts out smooth and level, and over time, due to various factors such as age, the elements, and the load that it bears, it begins to sink. This affects all types of structures such as driveways, sidewalks, slab foundations, and as […]

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