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Soil-stabilization is a huge element of many foundation-related issues. Read more info here.

Concrete Scanning Identifies Washout Void Under Dam

Airlift Concrete Experts Uses Polyurethane Foam to Fill Washout Void Recently, a rainwater washout was identified underneath an Arkansas dam. GPR Arkansas was able to utilize its concrete scanning /ground-penetrating radar to identify the void created by the washout. Then they worked in conjunction with Airlift Concrete Experts to repair the void using polyurethane foam.  […]

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Polyurethane Concrete Solutions: So Good You Do Not Need Replacement

Avoid Expensive Repairs by Using Polyurethane Foam  As you look out upon your concrete slabs, driveways, patios, and sidewalks, you may be thinking: “Do I need to replace this?” The answer in many cases is NO. That is due to the fact that polyurethane concrete solutions from Airlift Concrete Experts are so effective. Mike, the owner […]

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Cracked Patio? Fix it With Polyurethane Concrete Repair

Don’t Let a Cracked Patio Hold You Back This Summer Is your patio looking sad as this summer approaches? Does it have cracks, are parts of it settling and uneven? You do not have to miss out on picnic dinners, or outdoor family activities as this summer approaches! Your cracked patio can be repaired and […]

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stabilizing soil

The main cause of concrete problems usually doesn’t have anything to do with the concrete itself, but rather, the underlying soil. Weak soil causes concrete slabs, such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios, to sink, settle, and even buckle. This can also happen with poured slab foundations. If you have a problem with your concrete, stabilizing […]

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causes of structural damage | stabilizing soil

If you have structural damage above ground such as wall cracks or sloping floors, it’s crucial to find out what is causing these issues. More often than not, the causes of structural damage lies beneath the structure altogether. These issues typically stem from unstable soil. Unknowingly, many homeowners will opt for DIY cosmetic fixes like […]

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yellow signs stating "Area Flooded" hurricane season

Hurricane Season and Flooding Tropical weather hitting Arkansas is nothing new. In fact, every year, hurricane season brings more rain which brings more flooding throughout the state. How does this affect the foundation of your home? A lot. Any movement of your home’s foundation can create small and large shifts to your entire house.  This […]

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Sticking Windows and Doors

house with white and stone exterior - wood front door

Did you know that sticking windows and doors could be a sign of foundation issues? Aside from the occasional expansion and contraction that happens during a change of temperature, your doors and windows should function with ease.  If you notice gaps around your windows or doors, or they become hard to open and close, this […]

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Stabilize Soil with Polyurethane

Airlift logo with Arkansas map-"arkansas soil"

Arkansas Infrastructure In Arkansas, we often have structural issues that occur due to unstable or eroded soil around infrastructure. This can result in damage to homes and businesses. Other causes of unstable soil conditions can be attributed to improper soil compaction, soil erosion, and plumbing leaks. In fact, these expanses destabilize the structures and foundations […]

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