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Pool deck repair is important to inspect every year. Find out more about this necessary service.

Why is My Pool Deck Cracking and Settling?

Pool concrete settling

As we begin to long for those warm days of summer, and fun around the pool, we tend to take a closer look at the pool and pool deck to prepare for the season. Do you have cracking and settling concrete surrounding your pool? A safe a secure pool deck is important for the safety […]

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Airlift Provides Concrete Leveling Services to All of Arkansas

If You Need Concrete Leveling in Arkansas, We Are Here For You Are you in need of concrete leveling or lifting? Do you have sidewalks, driveways, patios, parking lots, or concrete slabs that are sinking? If you are in Arkansas, then Airlift Concrete Experts is here for you. We provide polyurethane concrete leveling services in Arkansas, […]

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Pool Foundation Repair: Seeing The Signs

Pool Foundation Repair: Seeing The Signs

3 Signs Your Pool Foundation Needs Repair As the warm weather comes around, we all get excited for that first dip in the pool.  We start making arrangements for swim dates with the kiddos, and we begin to think about hosting a neighborhood barbecue swim party. This is pretty typical. However, with this in mind, […]

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Pool Deck Cracks & Why They Happen

Large pool with pool house - airlift concrete experts

With the weather warming up, summer is right around the corner. Don’t let cracks in your pool deck stop you from enjoying your pool all summer long! Learn what causes pool deck cracks so you can help avoid any further damages to your personal oasis! Small cracks in pool decks aren’t usually a cause for […]

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