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Masonry Repair is an essential aspect of foundation repair. Read the relating articles to find out more about brick repair.

Cracked Bricks: What to do When You Notice Them

What to do when you notice cracked bricks in your foundation or homes exterior

As a homeowner, any crack and gap in your home’s walls or foundation can be concerning. When you notice cracked bricks, either in your foundation or on the exterior of your home, there are a few things you need to do.  What to do When You Notice Cracked Bricks Check for Water or Signs of […]

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Brick Steps Lifting Repair

We had a customer contact us concerning their brick steps. The steps had begun to pull away from the rest of the porch. We were able to lift the steps and make sure that they were attached again to the rest of the house. This could’ve been a dangerous situation if the homeowners had not […]

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