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Here, you will find information about grain bin floor repair, a service provided by Airlift Concrete Experts. If your grain bin floor is sinking, we can repair it with concrete leveling using polyurethane solutions.

Why is My Grain Bin Sinking?

Get the answers to the question "Why is my grain bin sinking?"

Spring is nearly here, and with it is a time that, as a farmer, you are preparing and cleaning your grain bin for the upcoming season. In doing so, have you observed sinking or settling of the concrete floor? If you believe you have grain bin sinking, you are probably wondering why. Let’s take a […]

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Job Feature: Grain Bin Floor Repair

Airlift Concrete Experts Doing What They Do Best: Concrete Lifting Concrete can be complicated. It starts out smooth and level, and over time, due to various factors such as age, the elements, and the load that it bears, it begins to sink. This affects all types of structures such as driveways, sidewalks, slab foundations, and as […]

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