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Example of a bowing wall with cracks.

You have seen them here and there in your basement: foundation wall & floor cracks. They start small and over time you notice that they are getting larger. So what causes these cracks in your foundation? What can be done about them? When you discover cracks, it is understandable to be concerned, and you are […]

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Concrete Experts

Your foundation is essential to your home’s stability, however a large part of what keeps it stable is the foundation footing. This is often taken for granted. So what is your foundation footing, and why is it important?  How is a Foundation Footing Constructed?  During initial construction of your home, the foundation footing is poured. […]

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concrete repair

As we head into the colder months of the year, insuring that your home’s foundation is safe and secure is more important than ever. Moisture,  and freezing temperatures can have an effect on your foundation. One symptom of foundation failure is bowing or leaning walls. Caused by  pressure coming from the exterior soils surrounding your […]

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concrete expert foundation repair

If You Have Foundation Concerns, Airlift’s Expertise Can Ease Them When it comes to your foundation, you may or may not know what you are looking for when it comes to foundation failure. However, you do have your gut instincts which are most often always right. If you have concerns about your foundation, Airlift Concrete […]

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Find solutions for your foundation cracks in Arkansas with Airlift Concrete Experts.

If You Have Foundation Cracks, We Have Solutions  One distinct symptom of foundation problems are cracks in your foundation. A symptom that cannot, and should not be ignored. The first question that probably goes through your mind is “How serious are these cracks, should I be concerned?” When you see cracks in your foundation, the […]

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Foundation Repair & Sagging Floors

foundation repair & sagging floors

If you’ve ever been in a house with a sagging floor, you know how annoying it can be. Sagging floors are unsightly, and can be dangerous as well. A sagging floor means that it has lost support, and it may eventually collapse into lower levels of the home. Before you can find sagging floor solutions, […]

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polyurethane foam injection leveling

The stability of your foundation lies in large part on the soil beneath it. As the soil compacts, or shifts, your home may be subject to settlement, which can be a big problem for your foundation. It is important to recognize the symptoms of foundation settlement, and when it is time to have your home […]

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polyurethane foam injection concrete leveling solutions

Avoid Expensive Repairs by Using Polyurethane Foam  As you look out upon your concrete slabs, driveways, patios, and sidewalks, you may be thinking: “Do I need to replace this?” The answer in many cases is NO. That is due to the fact that polyurethane concrete solutions from Airlift Concrete Experts are so effective. Mike, the owner […]

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Pool Foundation Repair: Seeing The Signs

pool deck repair with before and after pics

3 Signs Your Pool Foundation Needs Repair As the warm weather comes around, we all get excited for that first dip in the pool.  We start making arrangements for swim dates with the kiddos, and we begin to think about hosting a neighborhood barbecue swim party. This is pretty typical. However, with this in mind, […]

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Using polyurethane foam injection to combat foundation settlement

Underground Water Displacement Gets to the Heart of the Problem  You may be experiencing symptoms of foundation settlement such as noticeable cracks, sticking doors and windows, or uneven floors. Foundation settlement leads to the need for expensive foundation repairs. What needs to be addressed is the root of the issue and it is often overlooked. The […]

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