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Airlift Concrete Experts can find concrete solutions for all of your foundation and waterproofing needs. Check out are informative articles on the topic.

Poly Concrete Lifting Benefits

benefits of poly concrete lifting-worker drilling holes in the concrete

Poly Concrete Lifting There are many benefits of poly concrete lifting. But first, why choose polyurethane concrete lifting? If you have a cracked or un level driveway or patio, and could avoid re-placing the entire area, would you prefer this? That answer is typically a convenient, Yes. Here’s the truth: poly concrete leveling is a fast and […]

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Spring Concrete Problems

airlift concrete experts can help solve your concrete problems

Why do we always notice more concrete problems in the spring? Cooler weather in the winter causes the soil to freeze or harden. But come springtime, drastic changes in temperature and moisture content heavily contribute to spring concrete problems.  Spring Concrete Problems All of the extra rain in the spring means that soil is constantly […]

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What causes your driveway to sink? Erosion!

erosion can cause washout of your driveway causingn it to sink

A very common cause of a sunken driveway is Erosion. What is erosion? Erosion is the process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents. Erosion is common in the Little Rock area. This is because we definitely see our fair share of the elements. Erosion can wash soil away from under your driveway. This will […]

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Interior Slab Leveling for Sinking Concrete

interior slab leveling for sinking concrete

Have you noticed some areas in your home sinking or settling? Airlift Concrete Experts can help! We offer Interior Slab Leveling for sinking concrete.  Interior Slab Leveling for Sinking Concrete Why Concrete Sinks Foundation slabs can sink for a variety of reasons, but the main culprit usually involves water and erosion. When the soil beneath […]

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Voids Beneath Concrete Can Cause Sinking

voids beneath concrete can cause concrete to sink and settle

If you have sinking or settling concrete on your driveway, sidewalk, or porch, or patio, you may have a void beneath the concrete causing it to sink. Voids beneath concrete can cause sinking because they allow for the slabs to move.  Causes of Voids Beneath Concrete More often than not, voids beneath concrete are caused […]

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Why Airlift Concrete Experts? We Know Concrete!

Choose airlift concrete experts because we know concrete

We know Concrete Inside & Out! When you are out there on Google searching for “Concrete Repair Company Near Me” and you live in the Little Rock, AR area, we hope you’ll find US – because we believe that we are the leading concrete repair and foundation solutions company in the area, and we know […]

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Concrete Scanning and Its Benefits

concrete scanning screen

What is Concrete Scanning? Concrete scanning is the practice of using ground-penetrating radar to find voids under or within a concrete slab. How can this service benefit you as either a home or business owner? There are numerous things that can occur that cause voids or sinkholes under or within concrete. Soil can erode, pipes […]

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Mudjacking vs. Polyjacking

How to know which is the better option between polyjacking vs mudjacking

  Mudjacking vs. Polyjacking What is Mudjacking? Mudjacking is a more traditional method for lifting and leveling concrete that involves injecting a concrete slurry mix beneath settling slabwork. The concrete slurry usually includes a mix of concrete, gravel, sand, and crushed limestone.  The process of mudjacking is fairly quick, however you still have the typical […]

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Lift a Sinking Porch with Polyurethane Foam

Lift a sinking porch with polyurethane foam

Is your front porch sinking or pulling away from the front of your house? That means your porch is settling. If your porch or front steps are sinking, you’ll want to get those repaired as soon as possible to avoid major cracks where you’ll likely be forced to replace the whole area. At Airlift Concrete […]

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stabilizing soil

The main cause of concrete problems usually doesn’t have anything to do with the concrete itself, but rather, the underlying soil. Weak soil causes concrete slabs, such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios, to sink, settle, and even buckle. This can also happen with poured slab foundations. If you have a problem with your concrete, stabilizing […]

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