Buying an Old Home? Get a Foundation Inspection

Buying an older home? Check the Foundation

Older homes can be charming and full of character. They can all be full of problems, and the foundation can be a big problem. That is why we advise you to get a foundation inspection if you are considering buying an old home. So what do you look for?

Time can be Hard on Foundations

Time can catch up to older homes when it comes to their foundation. Whether it is a slab or crawlspace, the foundation is prone to numerous types of problems. These problems can include cracks, dry rot, water damage, settlement, and other structural issues. Some of these problems are costly, and if you are considering buying an older home it’s important to ask questions and get an inspection that includes the foundation.

Inspect Prior to Buying

You should have a foundation inspection prior to buying. Then you can know what to expect or talk to the sellers about options. Some foundation problems aren’t terribly expensive, but other solutions can cost 10,000 dollars or more. Replacement of a foundation can be a huge cost. You can factor costs into your offer if you know what you are dealing with.

Another important note Foundation problems can lead to other problems throughout the home such as:

  • Sloping floors
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Cracks in tile
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Countertops pulling away from walls
  • Garage column cracks
  • Seepage from foundation cracks
  • Pest infestations
  • And more!

During the inspection, if foundation problems are found make sure the rest of the home is checked for the problems above.

What if you are the seller? If you have concerns prior to putting your home on the market you can have an inspection ahead of time and make a plan for repairs. Contact our team for foundation repairs! We can also assist with concrete repairs, pool deck repairs, crack repairs, and more. 

Regardless, buyer or seller, check the foundation of your older home and get help from our team today!

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