Poly Concrete Lifting Benefits

Poly Concrete Lifting

There are many benefits of poly concrete lifting. But first, why choose polyurethane concrete lifting? If you have a cracked or un level driveway or patio, and could avoid re-placing the entire area, would you prefer this? That answer is typically a convenient, Yes. Here’s the truth: poly concrete leveling is a fast and effective way to resolve extensive concrete issues. Better yet, this process does so without dismantling the entire foundation. Want to learn more?

How Poly Concrete Lifting Works

The process consists of drilling a series of small holes in the slab that has started to sink. More importantly, it is important to ensure that the hole is properly spaced. If not, it will weaken the concrete. Next, the polyurethane is injected through these small holes into the spaces below. Once injected, the polyurethane material expands, compacting the soil around the spaces that it fills. This creates a solid base for the entire foundation, which allows the foundation to expand back to its proper level. Finally, when the holes are intricately filled, the site is secure. Not only is this process efficient, but the polyurethane hardens quickly to allow the regular use of the foundation less than 20 minutes after application.

Added Benefits

In addition to the swift and accurate process, there are numerous other benefits of poly concrete lifting. Here are some more benefits:

  • PERMANENT:  Fixes the root cause of any sinking slab rather than just lifting it. Also, poly jacking is a morebenefits of poly concrete lifting-worker drilling holes in the concrete effective lifting method compared to a method like mudjacking.
  • QUALITY:  Polyurethane material is very light weight. This makes the process much simpler for those handling the material.
  • MOISTURE PROTECTION: This process seals the bottom of the foundation to lock out water seepage and prevents future erosion.
  • ACCURACY: With the polyurethane injection process, the foundation of your home can be raised back to its proper location.
  •  LESS DISRUPTION: Because it requires minimal equipment and time, this process is less disruptive compared to traditional concrete removal and replacement.
  • AFFORDABLE: Polyurethane concrete leveling beneath your slab is significantly cheaper than tearing out the old concrete and replacing it with a new foundation.

As you can see, it is important to contact a concrete leveling expert to fix all of your foundation needs. We provide the highest quality contracting services at competitive rates and use only the best name brands on the market for all of our equipment. We are Arkansas’ leader in concrete lifting and foundation settlement. Call Today!

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