Polyurethane Concrete Solutions: So Good You Do Not Need Replacement

Avoid Expensive Repairs by Using Polyurethane Foam 

As you look out upon your concrete slabs, driveways, patios, and sidewalks, you may be thinking: “Do I need to replace this?” The answer in many cases is NO. That is due to the fact that polyurethane concrete solutions from Airlift Concrete Experts are so effective. Mike, the owner of Airlift says “People call me all the time asking for concrete replacement!” What he explains to his callers is that you can avoid costly and time-consuming concrete replacement. Through the various applications of polyurethane foam, you can resolve most issues that arise with your concrete slabs. Let’s take a closer look at the applications offered at Airlift Concrete Experts to understand why they are so successful. To cover the basics, check out the video below: 


What Polyurethane Concrete Solutions Can Help My Problem? 

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Polyurethane concrete solutions can be used on pool decks

Soil Stabilization with Polyurethane Foam:

Polyurethane foam is a fantastic solution for stabilizing soil underneath any structure. It is quick to install and more affordable than other techniques. It also is environmentally friendly and has no chemicals that will harm the environment. Most beneficial of all, deep polyurethane foam injections are a permanent solution to stabilize soil, and once performed, it will never have to be done again.

Raising Footings with Polyurethane Foam:  

If you notice sloping floors or even countertops in your home, we can use polyurethane foam to raise footings or concrete slabs. It is so easy to install and is a permanent solution. Airlift Concrete Experts in Arkansas can raise your concrete slab or footing back to its original level. It can be used on cracks in your foundation, garage, driveway, pool, and more. 

Polyurethane concrete solutions can be used for cracked driveways

Underground Water Displacement: 

If you have a structure that has settled due to water displacement underneath the structure, underground water displacement is the perfect solution. Airlift Concrete Experts can efficiently displace any underground water that may be below your settled structure. Our polyurethane foam solutions will not only displace existing water but also prevent future water from penetrating. Our polyurethane solution is fully resistant to water and will last for years to come.

Interior Slab Repair and Leveling:

The process for raising an interior concrete slab is pretty efficient. First off, small holes are drilled into the concrete and the foam is injected under the slab. Secondly, the foam expands, lifting the concrete to the desired height and sealing the bottom of the concrete slab. Because the foam is waterproof it won’t erode or compress like the slurry used in mudjacking. Because of this, the method is very useful as a solution for a multitude of problems.

So Ask Yourself: “Do I Really Need Replacement?” 

The answer is: very unlikely! If you would like to know if polyurethane concrete solutions are right for your specific situation, contact Mike and his team for a free consultation! Based out of Alexander, Arkansas, Airlift Concrete Experts is the leading family-owned business in foundation repair and concrete leveling. We dedicate ourselves to quality service that will permanently improve your home and increase its value. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and make your home’s concrete strong and safe for years and years to come. 

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