foundation repair arkansasIf you have a settling foundation, the experts at Airlift Concrete Experts can install steel piers to permanently restore your foundation. Foundation problems are caused by soil-related issues such as:


  • Oversaturated soil that expands and creates pressure against foundation walls
  • Dehydrated soil that creates cracks and voids in a concrete foundation
  • Poorly compacted soils which cannot hold the weight of a foundation

How Steel Piers Work


Regardless of what is causing your foundation settlement, Airlift Concrete can reverse the structural damage that has been done to your home by installing steel piers. Steel piers work to transfer the structure's weight from weaker soils onto load bearing soils. They are a permanent solution that will keep your home stable and even for years to come.


Our steel push piers are driven deep into the soil underneath your foundation. They drive through unstable soil in order to reach a more solid and stable layer. Once they are stabilized, hydraulic jacks are placed in several areas and the entire weight of your home is lifted onto the piers. Your foundation will be provided with long-term stabilization and strength.


With our expert team and great products, Airlift can get your foundation back in shape in no time at all. Call Airlift Concrete Experts in Arkansas today to see if steel piers are the right repair solution for your foundation.

Benefits of Steel Piers


Steel piers are end-bearing piers, and can be installed inside or outside of a foundation. They do not depend on skin friction for support. After the piers are installed, they are individually load tested using the maximum weight of the structure.


Some benefits of steel pier installation include:


  • Steel piersDriven deep into soil until they reach solid bedrock
  • Not affected by soil movement
  • Contains no loose parts
  • Requires little to no disruptions to landscaping
  • Quick, effective installation process
  • No future maintenance
  • Monitored pier installation process
  • Reuse soil to fill small excavations
  • High quality steel piers are installed


Here at Airlift, we use highly trained technicians to perform pier installation, testing and restorations. Our steel piers will stabilize the perimeter of your settling home for many years to come. Let Airlift Concrete be your number one contact for foundation repair experts in Arkansas!