French Drains Prevent Excess Water

French Drain Installation Little Rock ArkansasFrench Drains have been proven to be an excellent solution for homeowners in Arkansas to prevent excess water in your yard. If you have too much water in your yard, it can build up around your foundation, causing hydrostatic pressure to build up around foundation walls. This can cause bowing walls, wall cracks, and leaking into your crawl space. Water can be truly destructive, but with a proper French Drain installation, you can keep your home safe.

French Drains have evolved from a simple ditch filled with gravel to a more complex system with drain tiles to make sure that water flows in the right direction: down and away from your foundation. Gravel can be placed in the drain to give water a path to follow. Fabrics known as geo-textiles can be used to help with filtration. Once Airlift Concrete Experts installs your French Drain, you can place sod above it, and it will be hidden from view.

Protect Your Arkansas Home

When you combine your French Drain system with other waterproofing products such as sump pumps, you can rest assured that your home is protected from excess water. Our team of expert waterproofing contractors can help find the right waterproofing solution for your home. Protect the investment that you have in your home with the help of our waterproofing team. Our service area includes most of Arkansas, so call Airlift Concrete Experts today to receive a free consultation.

Contact the professionals at Airlift Concrete Experts today to help keep your property dry with French Drains and other drainage systems.

french drain before and after photos